Why Hippomundo?

In the increasingly international equestrian sport world, it has become imperative for studbooks to exchange information so that each studbook may know the unique UELN number and FEI number of every warm blood horse, irrespective of the studbook in which the horse in question has been registered. All professionals agree that if we fail to work out a unified system now, we will, in twenty years’ time, have a total of 72 (or more) individual studbooks who are completely isolated. Hippomundo is and offers the solution for all this.

All professionals are convinced that if we do not react now, we will miss a unique opportunity to attract more and bigger customers to our beloved sport. Hippomundo is a unique opportunity in that it provides our sport with the necessary tools to meet the present-day requirements to compete, in all transparency and with the necessary media attention, with major sports such as football, tennis and Formula 1.

For example you can see a screenshot of the mare Roshana M. When her breeder wants to find her offspring, he has to look and search with KWPN, BWP, SWB, NWB and AES, for everyone only has only their own registered horses in their system!

Or the breeder can go to the Hippomundo website!